A Whisper of History Woven in Linen

Forum evokes the richness of the fabrics that used to clothe the palaces that surrounded the ancient Roman Forum. This collection takes us back to the breeze that caressed the window curtains, the majestic, upholstered sofas and the cushions that adorned the corners. In the lounges of Forum, time fades away. The linen, woven with the patience of centuries, tells stories in each of its fibres, reviving the splendour of ancient empires.

Forum’s colour palette is a poem in itself. Its 20 colours, like fragments of an ancient dream, unfold an exquisite palette. From sandy neutrals to the warmth of salmon to turmeric yellows that exude the essence of sun-drenched fields. Intense greens, as laurel leaves, whisper secrets of sobriety and elegance, and cerulean blue spreads like a sky that has seen empires rise and fall.

The texture of this rich linen has a soft-touch finish that makes it perfect for upholstery, drapery and decoration.

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