Pepe Peñalver traces the history and tradition of aboriginal peoples through this upholstery collection with abundant geometry and an ethnic-tribal air. Vibrant colours trace pathways between parallel and uneven lines, incoming and outgoing angles, resulting in pendular zigzag designs and irregular ikats, represented in Zulu, Cebu and Yakan.

  • ZULU. We re-edited a special Jacquard with a zigzag pattern and a vertical multicolour fantasy yarn, incorporating two new trendy colours: indigo blue and forest green .
  • CEBU. The island of Cebu, with its tropical climate and vibrant nature, is the inspiration for this geometric jacquard design. The different fibres that compose the fabric are interlaced to form an oscillating zigzag pattern in different tonalities.
  • YAKAN . This jacquard, whose design is reminiscent of the Ikat technique, stands out for its linear irregularity, evoking the essence of tradition and craftwork. Based on natural colours, this upholstery reference is available in indigo, chalk blue, jean blue, celadon green, olive green, mustard, coral, beige and grey .

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