Lizzo’s new Livorno collection immerses us in picturesque and idyllic Tuscany, whose beauty and rich personality are captured in this wool blend velvet. Remarkable quality yet comfortable materials such as wool, cotton and tencelare perfectly combined to create a smooth and resistant upholstery fabric ideal for the most demanding interior design projects.

The use of wool in both the pile and the backing elevates the already premium velvet fabric features, adding strength and warmth, while the TENCEL™ gives the fabric a high tenacity. We thus achieve a biodegradable and renewable design, whose fibreshave been produced through environmentally responsible processes, from raw materials of sustainable origin, contributing to the environmental balance.

This rich and evocative collection of luxurious velvets is available in 46 dazzling Lizzo signature shades such as mustard, saffron or cadet blue, as well as sophisticated and subtle neutrals .

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