Tradition and Innovation blend in Lizzo´s first FR Upholstery Collection

The spirit of tradition is embodied in Lezna, Lizzo’s first fire-retardant upholstery collection, a milestone that reflects our commitment to innovation and the pursuit of excellence in quality and design for contract projects.

Lezna is an ode to creativity and craftsmanship, a testimony of mastery and inspiration that finds its origins in the eponymous instrument. This collection pays tribute to the meticulous craftsmanship of making wicker baskets, where the thick weave of its threads evokes the delicate geometry of these utilitarian works of art.

With its fire-retardant composition and 70,000 Martindale cycles, this fabric not only beautifies spaces, but also turns Lezna a highly resistant and durable upholstery texture, defying the passage of time.

Its pleasant touch that invites you to experience the sensations of comfort and warmth. In addition, Lezna’s chromatic palette unfolds in a wide range of colours, from softer and more natural tones to more vibrant ones, making this collection a versatile option ideal for interior design and contract projects.

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