Lizzo Essentials

Our new Lizzo essentials

This selection brings together 3 timeless, elegant and high-performance fabrics, making up the new “Lizzo Essentials”, making them evoke beautiful emotions in those who discover them.


Water and stain repellent

Godai is the term used in Japan and Japanese philosophy to refer to the so-called “five elements”: earth, water, fire, wind and emptiness.

Upholstery fabric with a smooth chenille texture, which has become part of our essentials. A cotton and linen fabric, designed to be part of the everyday life of all designers, a basic for any project.
Soft and pleasant to the touch, it is what you need for any residential or contract project with 40,000 Martindale cycles. It is also easy to clean and stain and water repellent.

– Available in 24 colours.
– 40,000 Martindale
– Weight 630 g/m².
– Easy to clean
– Water and stain repellent


Velvet: Our passion

SIKA is an extraordinary cotton and viscose jacquard velvet.
It is created using an innovative technique called pick and pick, with which we have managed to give that diamond pattern and high density to this uniquely rich velvet.
Furthermore, its manufacture is totally sustainable and environmentally friendly as all the energy used in the process is solar powered with zero hydrocarbon emissions.

– Available in 10 colours
– 100.000 Martindale
– Weight 670 g/m².
– Sustainable manufacturing
– Fabric suitable for upholstery, light upholstery, curtains and decoration


Elegant and sustainable raffia

The old town of Uda- Matsuyama, when explored, offers landscapes from all periods of Japanese history. 
From this unusual place takes its name this new jacquard with raffia texture and semi-gloss effect. 

Its interwoven fibres create a beautiful effect that makes it ideal for upholstery.

– Available in 5 tones
– 20.000 Martindale
– Weight 378 g/m².
– Light upholstery and decoration

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