To the roots from silence

My artistic interiors – Suzanne Loggere

The elegance and flair of the unique professional interior decorator Suzanne Loggere, have been inspiring us for more than three decades. Now we can enjoy and appreciate all of her work inspiration in the amazing book “My Artistic Interiors” she has recently released.

Her sophisticated and personal style is based, among others, on the elegant simplicity, the flamboyant luxury and sensuality and the mementos of nature. Her creations contain a mix of fine and fascinating wall coverings and fabrics with a large variety of textures and exciting colors, all combined with tranquil base shades to get a very outstanding conclusions. To the ROOTS from SILENCE, Suzanne has captured her renowned style using inspirational images divided in ten astonishing chapters who completely define her: silence, masculine, theatre, eccentric, new mood, happiness, iconic, traveling, sunshine and roots.

It make us feel pleased to find Lizzo among all of these powerful words as one of those brands who has been part of her inspiration and her projects all over the years.

Work that we know will inspire and entice new generations who will become into an exceptional interior designers and lovers.

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