The luxury of velvets

At LIZZO we are passionate about velvets, they are the reflection of the brand: luxurious, elegant and resistant, standing out because of their high quality and softness. They will win you over their warmth and gentleness.

Lizzo’s velvets are timeless fabrics adding richness to any interior.  The exceptional softness and touch of these sumptuous velvets and the ability to reflect light enhances the unique LIZZO colour palette offering a sensory experience of ever changing hues of colour.

They are a classic, the star fabric of interior decoration, that over the recent year have gained even more protagonism in every room of the house, proving their versatility and its capability to be integrated perfectly with every style and athmosphere.

We understand the needs of the different projects about comfort, abrasion resistance, durability, cleansing, maintenance and fire resistance.

With a holistic approach in mind,  the design team at LIZZO  have created a high performance quality and luxurious velvet befitting for the most diverse of interior spaces both residential and commercial.

MURANO, the treasure velvet

One of our velvets with more tradition, with new colours launched recently expanding its already wide colour palette to 22 beguiling tones.

Murano is a plain long-pile viscose and cotton velvet, with an elegant glossy sheen that adds luminosity to the room.

It is perfect for upholstery, decoration or drapery with its 50.000 cycles of martindale.

Weight: 750 gr/m²

DANDY, vintage with character

Dandy is a plain velvet with a unique desing of stripes that creates the visual effect of texture and adds a vintage look.

This velvet is available in 22 colours that range from deep blues, mustard, aubergine to naturals.

Combine it with fabrics like Austen, Bennet or Gala, or embroideries like our iconic Peacock.

Martindale: 50.000 cycles, what makes it apt for upholstery and drapery.

Dandy is made of cotton and viscose which makes this velvet exquisitely soft.

Weight: 750gr/m²


ETERNAL, a daily treat

Our Eternal is a long pile 100% cotton velvet.

With the elegance of all Lizzo’s velvets, Eternal is meant for the everyday life adding a luxurious touch to the room. 

It has 150.000 cycles of martindale, which makes it highly resistant, perfect for upholstery, drapery and decoration.

A wide range of colours (27)  covering almost every shade you can imagine: from blush pinks, to turquoise, deep blues, orange, mustad, naturals… you just have to choose your favourite.

Weight: 435 gr/m2

GURU, fire retardant deluxe

Guru is a long pile velvet with a subtle shine.

This velvet stands out for its fire retardant qualities: it’s a 100% trevira CS textile.

It’s also a hard-wearing textile with 150.000 cycles of martindale.

Also perfect to match, as it is available in 22 different colours.

Guru can be used for upholstery & drapery and is apt for contract projects

Weight: 600 gr/m²

TOUCH, in the ligh of the shadow

The shiny Touch is a velvet made of cotton and viscose, with an exceptional luxurious look.

Rich, silky and delicate to touch.

This velvet can be found in 14 different colours ranging from ochre to grey, various shades of blues and green.

Touch can be used for uholstery and drapery, having 100.000 cycles of martindale.

Weight: 400gr/m²

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