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LIZZO linen essentials

The love we feel for the natural textiles and the beauty of simplicity is one of our brand hallmarks. Lizzo linens are high quality,  offering unique colour palettes and features for high performance fabric.

As every project is unique, our diverse linen portfolio offers a variety of textures and colours to suit all your needs.

Our extensive range of linen adapts to each technical & performance requirement.
The perfect blend between beauty, quality and performance:

Lizzo’s iconic linens

jarapa lino sofa


Jarapa is one of our most beloved linens, so much so that it has been re-edited again this year with the addition of more trend colours.

It is a heavy weave linen inspired by the ancient Arab rugs with a unique distressed and rustic look and feel.

Jarapa is available in 16 colours.

Martindale: 30.000 cycles
Weight: 780gr/

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One of our greatest classics with more than 10 years of history. It is one of our most requested linens.

Canvas is a timeless, soft plain linen, suitable for upholstery, decoration and drapery, with a wide colour range to choose from.

15 colours to choose.
Martindale: 45.000 cycles
Weight: 520gr/

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Textured linens


Hessian is a heavy texture, blending natural fibres such as linen and cotton.

It stands out for its high durability and hard wear: 80.000 martindale, which makes it perfect for upholstery and drapery.

It is available in 19 colours ranging from neutrals such as beige, taupe or sand and more intense shades like mustard, teal or midnight blue.

Martindale: 80.000 cycles
Weight: 957gr/

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Saco is a textured linen essential.

These linens are authentic stonewashed linen with a wonderful soft handle.

It can be used for upholstery, decoration or drapery.

There are 11 colours available.
Martindale: 30.000 cycles
Weight: 765gr/

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Authentic luxury


With a magnificient softness and an exquisite lightness (weight: 300gr/m²) , Albert is an understated luxury linen.

This linen is natural beauty! Made of 70% linen and 30% cold wool, which makes it, not only light, but fresh.

With 35.000 martindale it is perfect for any use: upholstery, decoration or drapery. Ideal for creating environments that are both lively and elegant.

You can find Albert in 19 different tones, all of them in the signature LIZZO’s colour palette.

Find here all the information about Albert


Colban is one of our most innovative and sustainable fabrics at Lizzo made of 100% hemp.

Soft and light, but incredibly resistant making it suitable for various uses from upholstery, drapery to decoration.

It also has thermal qualities, a characteristic of hemp fabrics, which makes it fresh in summer and warm in colder temperatures.

Colban is presented in 17 colours.

Martindale: 35.000 cycles

Weight: 540gr/m²     

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Rustic & vintage looks are in vogue


This linen has a shabby chic and lived-in look so representative of our brand, respecting the natural beauty of the textile.

With a vintage texture and a pleasant  handle, this textile is perfectly suited for upholstery and curtains.

Its composition is 100% linen and it is offered in a wide range of 18 colours.

Martindale: 38.000 cycles
Weight: 550gr/m²

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For those customers who love the essence of pure rustic linen. Lienzo is a 100% natural stonewashed linen retaining the natural knots in its yarns.

Lienzo is offered in wide palette of blushed tones creating relaxing spaces with a vintage look.

It can be used for upholstery, light upholstery, decoration or drapery.

Available in 13 different colours.
Martindale: 22.000 cicles
Weight: 371 gr/m²

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Light linens for drapery in double width


Relax is a 100% linen, a combination of courtain and voile, in a double width. The handle of this linen evokes the softness of cashmere wool. 

With a spectacular drape, it stands out for its sober and elegant simplicity.

Width: 310 cm

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Guiza is a proposal that is also made of 100% linen. A light double widht small net voile, presented in natural tones of whites, neutrals and stonehues.

Width: 330 cm

More information about Guiza here


A pleasant and light fabric, 100% linen, with a sophisticated appearance.

It is presented in a range of whites and neutrals.

Width: 320 cm

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