Welcome to the first step in your future at LIZZO. Our company has been built on iconic design, craftsmanship and above all a strong team dynamic. From our creative head office in Alicante in Spain, to our showroom in London, vision, passion and team work are all a part of our DNA.

At LIZZO, we believe in supporting our team as they grow, develop and produce exceptional results. Want to be a part of our team? Send your CV now to

“I am very grateful as I love my job! The people that I work with and product is so easy to believe in as you can see the quality and passion behind Lizzo, I enjoy my job as I get to meet and build relationships with interesting and creative people on a daily basis.”

– Chelsea Reece (Sales consultant)

“I love working for Lizzo and being part of this business. My experience has taught me to offer outstanding customer service and as this is an important part of Lizzo’s ethics, I feel I am in the perfect job.”

– Anna Perry (Customer Service)