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The goal of this partnership is deliver our clients a wallpaper package that includes installation from a specialist hanger and to provide a seamless service that results in increased wallpaper sales. As a result of this partnership, the client will benefit from time saving convenience and cost savings.

Responsibilities of LIZZO UK:

  1. Promote the initiative via website, social media and sales strategies.
  2. Provide client with initial quotation for product and hangings service.
  3. Provide client with invoice based on job site visit.
  4. Work with wallpaper hanger to establish job lead time
  5. Take payment from the client and pay installer internally ??
  6. Delivery of product to client, site or installer as requested.
  7. Provide first class customer service.

Responsibilities of Installer

  1. Prices include lining of the walls, trimming and hanging of the paper. Agree to set proce per wallpaper tier
  2. Provide a job site visit one week within inquiry/firm order, subject to client availability.
  3. Confirm information supplied in original quotation and provide any additional hanging costs associated with high ceilings, excessive cut outs, stairs etc.
  4. Provide estimate for job completion and extra costs based on location of job (i.e. congestion charge, parking)
  5. Work with LIZZO to establish lead time
  6. Provide excellent customer service and care at the job site and throughout the installation.
  7. Identify any issues prior to completion of job
  8. At completion of job, confirm client satisfaction through a feedback form.
  9. Claims, unless identified at the beginning of the project as a product issue, will be the responsibility of the hanger. Hanger will be responsible to replace and rehang paper as required.
  10. Provide first class customer service

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