Collection Maharaja

Abundance and the lavish, luxurious lifestyle of the ancient Maharajahs, or ‘Grand Kings’, have inspired us to create this collection.

In olden times, under the patronage of the Maharajahs, India became one of the world’s greatest civilisations; rich in history, art, culture, mysticism and spirituality.

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the Maharajahs constructed some of the most spectacular palaces, adorning them with the finest articles from around the world : Cartier for the jewels, Louis Vuitton for leatherwork and Rolls Royce for their motorcars.

This collection is destined for richly decorated settings with ornamental highlights, where modern colours combine with antique elements, for classic rooms reinterpreted from a contemporary perspective, combining silks, velvets and glossy satins.

Rich, exotic, classic, sumptuous.